Address to Mr. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General

11 июня 2021

Dear Mr. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General.

I, Sheydin Anatoly (Anshey Din), an Israeli citizen, like most normally thinking people, cannot but share your concern about the death of civilians, and even more so children, as a result of the war unleashed by Hamas in Israel, the shelling of Israeli civilians from the territory Gaza and Israeli retaliation, as a result of which civilians, including children, are killed, despite Israel's preventive measures against impending house demolitions. Until recently, this practice was applied not only to civilians, but also to the Hamas leadership.

All calls for the Hamas leadership to abandon the obsessive goal of destroying Israel and move to a peaceful life at the level of autonomy, which could have its own airport and seaport to communicate with the whole world, was categorically rejected in order to implement Iran's plan to destroy Israel.


Shelling of peaceful settlements and Israeli territory has been carried out regularly for more than 15 years after Hamas came to power in Gaza. Look at 1 * "Statistics shelling of Israel from Gaza"

The adoption by the Israeli leadership of the erroneous decision "On disengagement" and eviction of Israeli citizens from their homes and destruction of their businesses, thereby committing criminal acts against their citizens, was perceived by the terrorists as weakness .. The international community was not outraged by this act and did not help the victims to receive compensation for physical, moral and financial losses. And all this was sacrificed for the hopes for peace and tranquility, both of its citizens and of Gaza. No self-respecting state would show so much patience and sacrifice of its citizens, being a member of the international community, which includes Iran, Turkey and Russia, which do not recognize Hamas and numerous Muslim groups that shell Israel and commit acts of terror by terrorist groups, supplying them with modern offensive weapons.

I have to remind you, dear Mr. UN Secretary-General, that by the decision of the League of Nations of April 24, 1920, adopted at the level of international law, which the UN is obliged to comply with, as reflected in paragraph 80 of the UN Charter, the entire territory of Palestine from Iraq to the Mediterranean coast sea ​​was intended for the National House of Jews and the creation of only Jewish states on it, which is recorded in the Decision of the League of Nations of July 24, 1922, paragraphs 5 and 6. of the "Palestinian Mandate" issued to the British Empire in Palestine with the aim of creating a national house there for the Jewish people.

Article 5.

The Mandator is responsible for ensuring that no part of the Palestinian territory is surrendered, leased or brought under the control of any foreign state.

Article 6.

By ensuring the protection of the rights and conditions of other groups of the population, the Palestinian Authority will ensure the most favorable conditions for immigration of Jews and - together with the Jewish organization mentioned in paragraph 4 - compact settlement of immigrants on land, including both state and vacant land that is not required for public needs.


These documents are supplemented by the "Anglo-American Treaty on the" Mandate for Palestine "of December 3, 1923, signed by US Vice President Calvin Coolidge, who automatically became US President, in 1924. And only after the election of K. Coolidge as the President of the United States on December 5, 1925, he proclaimed this treaty as the internal law of the United States.

Grossly violating the terms of the mandate adopted at the level of the Law of International Law, England on its own responsibility transferred the territory of Transjordan to the youngest son of the Emir of Saudi Arabia, expelled from Syria, thereby opening the expansion of the Arabs into Palestine and restricting the entry of Jews into Palestine, thereby violating the terms of the mandate for the second time ... England did not loosen restrictions on the settlement of Jews in Palestine even when Hitler made efforts to evict Jews from Germany to Palestine, and the international community at the Evian Conference demonstratively turned its back on Jews, condemning them to destruction in furnaces and gas chambers of death camps.

Disregard of the laws of international law by high-ranking figures, due to their illiteracy or for the sake of political considerations, undermines faith in justice and the effectiveness of international law and opens the way to lawlessness. Your direct duty, as UN Secretary General, is to restore historical justice and heed not only my advice, especially if it was my fate to become a Mashiach (look at 2 *) mashiax-li-ya-.html), but also to the voice of your conscience.

 From Article 5 of the "Mandate" and Article 80 of the UN Charter it directly follows that neither the UN, nor any other international organization, nor even the Jewish state itself, out of the best aspirations for peace, can transfer rights over any part of Palestine belonging to the established law, the Jewish people, non-Jewish education. Such formations have the right to be only within the framework of a single Jewish state and a single constitution of such a state, ensuring equal rights for law-abiding citizens of this state, regardless of nationality, skin color, religion, if it is not hostile to citizens of another ethnic group.

Why does the so-called "international community" so amicably hate Jews today, which has already once so basely betrayed them by shooting and burning adults and children in gas chambers during and after the Holocaust? Why does this "international community" support religious maniacs who will never listen to the voice of reason and will not betray their contrived Gods and prophets who call to kill Jews, just because they are Jews, hypocritically calling for the preservation of the lives of the civilian population, who dance with every successful murder Jews from a bullet, shell, or lynching those who accidentally fell into their territory. Do you think that this is a "civilian population" that should be spared?

Why do more than two million of these "civilians" in Gaza choose such a leadership and support it both in the Palestinian Authority and as citizens of Israel? Why, for any reason and for no reason, do they fire shells and rockets, throw stones, set fire to combustible mixtures and cut with knives the peaceful citizens of Israel, who have done nothing wrong to them, but only because they are Jews, making both adults and children mentally ill people and physical crippled, confident that the world community will not allow them to be destroyed and this will last for 16 years?

I think the first reason is in Islam, which is specifically anti-Jewish.



"Muhammad taught Muslims to kill Jews and showed by personal example how to do it, beheading 600 Jewish captives from the Banu Kainuka tribe.

The Messenger of Allah said: "You are Muslims, you will fight the Jews, and when one of them hides behind a stone, the stone will say: O servant of Allah, here is a Jew behind me, kill him!"

(Sahih Bukhari, Book 52, Hadith 176)


The Messenger of Allah said: "And the hour will not come until you fight with the Jews and the stone behind which the Jew will hide will say: O Muslim! A Jew is hiding here, kill him!"

(Sahih Bukhari, Book 52, Hadith 177)


"The Prophet invited Ibn Jabal to sit down, but when he saw the chained man, he asked: Who is this? Abu Muis replied: He was a Jew and became a Muslim, but then returned to Judaism. Abu Muis again invited Ibn Jabal to sit down, but he said: I am not I will sit down until this Jew is killed, this is the order of Allah and his Messenger - and he repeated this three times. Then they ordered to kill the Jew. "

(Sahih Bukhari, Book 84, Hadith 58) 


What did Winston Churchill say about Islam?


Churchill's opinion about Muslims was formed even when he was an officer in the British army, which fought with the Sultan of Sudan. In his book The River War, published in 1899, he wrote:

"How terrible are the qualities that Mohammedanism endows with its adherents: next to fanatical rage, which is as dangerous in humans as rabies in dogs, a terrible fatalistic apathy coexists. We see the result in many countries. Wasteful customs, backward farming systems, insecurity of property - this is inherent in all countries where the followers of the Prophet rule or live. Perverted sexuality robs their lives of charm and purity, pride and holiness. "

And further: "The fact that according to Muslim law every woman should belong to any man as his full property, whether as a child, wife or concubine, will delay the final abolition of slavery on earth until the Islamic faith is no longer valid among people. Some Muslims may have brilliant qualities, but the influence of religion paralyzes the social development of its followers. There is no more powerful reactionary force in the world. Islam is a religion of forced conversion; it has already spread in this way throughout Central Africa. And if Christianity had not been protected by the strong hands of science, the science against which it fought in vain for so long, then the civilization of modern Europe could have perished, as the civilization of Ancient Rome perished. "

In 1921, after returning from a trip to Palestine, Churchill, already minister of the Colonies, reported to the House of Commons about the appearance of the Wahhabite sect among the Muslims of Saudi Arabia: the most violent religious wars in Europe. ... They lead a life of extremely harsh rules and furiously impose it on others. They consider it their duty and the requirement of faith to kill everyone who does not share their views, and keep their wives and children as slaves. They are harsh, intolerant, armed and bloodthirsty. "


What is school education in Palestine talking about?

"Employees of the German Institute Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin conducted a study of the facts of demonization of Jews and Israel in Palestinian textbooks for schoolchildren, finding that among them there are no books that recognize the existence of Israel and take a side of peaceful life", "Books for Palestinian schoolchildren contain" values ​​" completely opposite to elementary humanism and the norms of international community "," in their own way "describing reality and not conducive to tolerance and the eradication of hostility between peoples."

"Thus, the state of Israel and the Jewish people are completely erased from the face of the earth, as they have never existed anywhere: in all texts, on maps and other things, everything that is in any way connected with Israel has been removed [there is not even a mention of the period of the British mandate]. Everywhere and everywhere - the same inscriptions: "Palestine", - says the report of the German experts.

"A Palestinian student will learn nothing from these textbooks about the Jewish people, the Holocaust, the plan for dividing the lands of the former British Mandate and the creation of a Jewish state," they continue. - "He knows only two" facts "about Jewish history: first - they, the Jews, the sworn, eternal enemies of the Prophet Muhammad, and, therefore, all Muslims, and, the second fact - they are Zionist colonizers, occupiers, destroyers of the Palestinian people and defilers of Muslim shrines ".

"In textbooks, Jews are portrayed as the embodiment of universal evil, violence, cruelty. Starting in the 2nd grade, the child must learn to hate them and take action against violence [i.e. e. to kill Jews]. The return of refugees expelled from their homes as a result of the Zionist conspiracy is a prerequisite for the "renaissance of a great Palestine." 3 *

The real embodiment of hate politics

 The very idea of ​​creating two states, a Jewish and an Arab on the territory left after the creation of the state of Jordan, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, in accordance with UN Resolution No. 181 of November 29, 1947, aroused the ire of the Arab states. On May 14, 1948, Israel declared its independence. Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Transjordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Yemen did not agree with the UN decision on the partition, sent regular troops into Palestine and began a series of military operations against the Jewish armed forces and settlements, some of which belonged to the proclaimed Israel the day before. Israel won and survived.

May 14, 1948 David Ben-Gurion announces the creation of the independent State of Israel.

1947-1949 - Война Израиля за независимость.

1950 - 1960-е годы - Операции возмездия.

1956 - Суэцкая война.

1964 - Битва за воду.

1967 - Шестидневная война.

1967-1970 годы - Война на истощение.

1968  - Сражение при Караме.

1973  - Война Судного дня.

1976  - Операция «Энтеббе».

1978  - Операция «Литани».

1982-2000  - Первая Ливанская война.

1991- Участие Израиля в войне в Персидском заливе.

1990 - Первая Интифада.

2000 - Вторая Интифада.


2006  - Вторая Ливанская война.

2008-2009 - Операция «Литой свинец».

2010  - Операция «Морской бриз».

2012  - Операция «Облачный столп».

2012  - н.в. - Участие Израиля в Гражданской войне в Сирии.

2014  - Операция «Несокрушимая скала».

2018  - н.в. - Великий марш возвращения

2019  -  Около 1300 ракет. Примерно 480 ракет сбиты системой ПРО. 6 погибших,            более 70 раненых.

2020 - 168 ракет по Израилю

2021 - Операция «Страж стен».


In the intervals between wars and major operations - the daily fight against small and significant acts of terror from attacks with a knife on citizens and soldiers

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) before blowing up in crowded places in super markets, buses, discos.


Do Islamic obscurantists spare their women and children?


It is quite obvious that they do not regret, encouraging them to participate in the Great Return Marches, in storming security fences, in launching balloons with incendiary weapons and explosives, inspiring them from childhood that their death is a sacred cause, placing warehouses under residential buildings and public use with weapons and missile launchers.

No, they do not feel sorry for the elderly, women, or children. These are all consumables. The more this "civilian population" perishes, the more hatred towards Jews, the more indulgent the world community is towards their holy goal - to kill Jews who continue to supply the enemy with humanitarian aid during hostilities UN Decisions on Israel and the Arabs 5, warning of possible destruction and giving time to leave them, continuing to supply the enemy strategic raw materials and materials.


UN Decisions on Israel and the Arabs 5 *


Of the 175 Security Council resolutions adopted before 1990, 97 were directed against Israel.

Of the 690 General Assembly resolutions put to a vote before 1990, 429 were directed against Israel.

The UN was silent when 58 synagogues were destroyed by the Jordanians.

The UN was silent when the Jordanians systematically desecrated the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives.

The UN remained silent while Jordan pursued an apartheid-like policy of preventing Jews from visiting the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.




There are two of them:

The first is military, power, until the enemy is completely destroyed, which can lead to the complete disappearance of life on earth, taking into account the accumulated potential of nuclear weapons on earth.

 It does not matter who will die from this weapon or who will use it first. It is important that it will explode and another flood will cover the earth.

It is possible that the use of nuclear weapons will not reach or the case will save these arsenals from the explosion, then we must try to save the civilian population as much as possible away from this massacre. It is doubtful that it will be possible to convince everyone that God is an invention of a humanoid - an alien, a product of an earlier development of mankind, who, at least once, has survived the peak of the development of human culture on earth and tried to solve their problems with the help of nuclear superiority and tried to save humanity from repeating the mistake, suggesting that there is someone omnipotent and seeing everything, who should be feared - God. At the stage when Abraham was concerned that he and his wife Sarah had no heir to whom he could leave his riches as an inheritance, humanity was not yet at such a stage of development to understand that everything that is attributed to God is created by the Human Brain. who must learn to manage.

Thus, if believers in their pernicious religions remain unshakable in their faith, war is inevitable, and the primary task of a truly peaceful and reasonable population willing to live in peace with Jews (and not with Orthodox Jews, who are as stubborn as orthodox Islamists) - avoid death.


The international community is obliged, while there is a break in hostilities, not to spend billions on the restoration of Gaza, but to organize the evacuation from Gaza of such a population that other countries agree to place on their territories.


Perhaps later they will want to return and, perhaps, will have the right to do so if they agree to be equal citizens of the Jewish state, free from religious dominance.


The second way out is peaceful. The leadership and people of Gaza, with the help of an organized referendum, express their consent to develop as one of the economically developed regions of the state, peaceful and safe for any of its law-abiding citizens of Israel. The Gaza leadership accepts Israel's demand to completely surrender weapons and hold elections in the region, orienting its development on the basis of an equal economically developed region of the country with its air and sea ports and the right to establish economic and cultural ties with all countries that are not hostile to Israel.


Then multibillion-dollar subsidies will be required to rebuild the infrastructure and economy of Gaza.

 The way the UN reacts today to the unprecedented and insolent bombardment of Israel with rockets by Hamas and the initiation of Arab protests in the cities of Israel leaves no option for a peaceful solution of the issue, and the UN is obliged to convene an urgent meeting of the Human Rights Council (HRC) with the sole purpose of organizing the deportation of a civilian the people of Gaza in the name of their salvation, as "at the special session of the UN Human Rights Council held in Geneva on Thursday, a resolution was adopted calling for the establishment of an independent international commission of inquiry to investigate human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories and in Israel."

"Israel categorically rejects the resolution adopted today by the UN Human Rights Council, an anti-Israel majority body guided by hypocrisy and absurdity. Any resolution that fails to condemn the launching of more than 4,300 missiles by a terrorist organization at Israeli civilians and does not mention the terrorist organization Hamas is nothing more than a moral failure and a stain on the international community and the UN "5 * - said the official representative of the Israeli Foreign Ministry Lior Hayat, writing this on Twitter (and it would be better in the protocol of the" HRC Resolution ", if he had such an opportunity, as "Dissenting opinion" - A.Sh.'s note).

My opinion on the solution to this problem is stated in Russian. 6 *




Summing up what has been said, I would like to draw your attention to the fact, that each of us has a share of responsibility for preserving life on earth, commensurate with the high position he occupies. I probably would not have turned to you with this letter if it were not for the stipulated obligation on me to do so. Perhaps for this reason, having not yet found the strange coincidences described in 2 *, I sent my appeals to the UN (in 1993 - to the secretariat, in 2004 - Kofi Annan and in 2007 -  to Ban Ki-moon - on the issue of UN reorganization, adding its structure by the representation of civil referendums).


 In connection with the expectation of your visit to Israel in August 2017, a letter was sent to the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu with the following content:


Address to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Dear Prime Minister. 

If you want to benefit Israel from visiting Israel by the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Antonio Guterres, give me the opportunity to express my proposals to him. From my references to you you have all my coordinates. Anatoly Sheidin (Anshay Din) שיידין אנטולי. 054-4893766 08/28/2017


Neither a response nor an invitation was received by its author, which became a sad system.

 I hope, dear UN Secretary General, you have enough wisdom to treat this message to you more attentively.

All the best to you for the good of the peoples of the world. Anatoly Sheydin (Anshey Din)


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© Copyright: Sheidin Anatoly (Anshay Din) 2021

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