Who are you Mister Meni Mazuz?

4 ноября 2012

Who are you Mister Meni Mazuz, the legal adviser of the government?


     At first sight, the question can seem strange, in view of accurately formulated post in the reference. Formally it so. And here in practice ...

In practice, actually you often speak on behalf a name of the General public prosecutor of Israel and make decisions from a position of this post. Then, why you it is formal (and can be and actually!?) be registered on the legal adviser of the Government? How it in general can be compatible? From this "mix" also there is a weight of the questions one of which has got to article heading.

   That the head of the government of Israel, mister Ehud Olmert, has made, to put it mildly, many actions contradicting laws of Israel and human morals (it was suspected of participation in financing of election campaign of "Likuda" of 1988, by means of fictitious bank accounts;

In business about Bank "National" privatisation; sale and rent of own house; active support of a policy of the "delimitation", led to full loss of the control over equipment of terrorist formations of Palestinian autonomy by the offensive weapon; the operation "Amon" personally initiated by Ehudom Olmertom; the Program "Wisconsin"; the Second Lebanese war, etc.) and does not sit till now on a dock or at a lattice, and continues dangerous and harmful to the state Israel and its people activity, there is substantially direct your "merit", in what role you would not act.

As the legal adviser of the government you bear full responsibility for decisions made by the government if your other opinion is not recorded, which government has ignored, making of the concrete decision.

At the same time, as the official giving green light to Office of Public Prosecutor on the beginning of official litigation, you bear personal responsibility for a delay of proceeding of offences of officials in system of the power structures which honesty is called into question by mass media or their acts.

The former prime minister Ehud in 1998 has much enclosed a Barrack, which pre-election staff of means in creation special עמותות, breaking the law on financing of elective campaign, for the shortest term of the stay on a post of the prime minister has had time to discredit the state and the people of Israel shameful flight from Lebanon, having thrown both strengthenings and the equipment and true Lebanese allies on an arbitrariness of Hizbally, was already ready to give to Palestinian autonomy almost 99 percent of territory of Judea and Samaria, and Syria - Golany. Loss in the Second Lebanese war is a direct consequence of shameful flight «the soldier №1 Israel», but about its attraction to judicial responsibility is not audible yet.

     For this reason today it has appeared in "heroes", instead of on a dock or, at least, among persons it is forbidden to them to hold high state posts.

  Ill turn has rendered you and the transaction of Office of Public Prosecutor with lawyers of President Moshe Katsav.

The concept of "transaction" of bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor with criminals disgustingly also is mockery at legality and the law and order, a slap in the face of the public wishing that the law was strictly observed equally for everything, without looking at ranks and posts. Whether they encourage the boorish lawlessness reliably protected by high posts and similar practice. The president of the country convicted by the whole group of women in sexual crimes (instead of harassments!), as a result of similar "transaction" gets rid of the basic claims to it with the right to conditional punishment and reception of all privileges, put to the legislative President of the country. Whether this mockery at justice?

    The colonel of a stock, narcobusinessman Elhanan Tenenbaum whom only under this article in other country if has not been executed would receive for life a hard labour, at us in the country, still being is involved in transfer of the classified information "Hizballe", it has appeared practically on freedom. And it at the same time when nothing Alexander Zavarueva's proved "crime" threatens it with severe punishment. Whether you feel yourselves, dear Meni Mazuz as the accomplice of crimes against conscience and public morals of a society, and whether comes to you mind thought what it is necessary to "resign"? I personally think that before "filing a resignation", it is necessary to correct a maximum that else is possible.

I consider that on all decisions accepted by the government, there should be you согласующая the signature, as Legal adviser of the government.

The unbinding of terrorists contradicts not only Israeli, but that is even more important, to the international legislation, encourages terror in all its displays, carries away and will cripple lives of our soldiers catching them, leaves widows and children orphans.

       And, despite this obvious interrelation, government Ehuda Olmerta continues to carry on negotiations with terrorists for clearing of their colleagues on struggle from the Israeli prisons, agree even about that among released there was Maruan Barguti, the former Secretary general ФАТХа condemned for five lifelong terms and which sights are known the public from interview which it has given in December, 2002 to the London journalist Saide Hamed. And now, the Egyptian sources tell that during a meeting in the White house US president George Bush has demanded from Olmerta to do the utmost for strengthening of the power and authority of the chairman of the PAS of Mahmud Abbas (Abu-Mazena). In particular, Bush has asked to unbind immediately the former secretary general of FaTha Maruana Barguti and to translate Abu-Mazenu the tax revenues of the PAS frozen earlier at a rate of 500 million dollars. (http://boti.ru/node/32250#new from June, 20th 2007).

      If such "requirement" took place, whether that seems to you, the dear legal adviser that it is rough intervention in affairs of the sovereign state and represents Israel as the selling bed maid who is on the maintenance of the boss. Who as the management of Israel has allowed an occasion to mister George Bush to show it to all international community in infringement of norms of the international legislation on behalf of the country, more all ostensibly standing up for observance of the international norms and democratic values. Whether from George Bush's giving and its executive secretary Kandolizy Rice Israel has refused the control over a check-point in Rafiahe, having allowed uncontrolled transportation on territory of Gaza of a large quantity of the weapon, including offensive, transforming Gaza, actually, into base of Iran in territory of Israel? Who for it has answered? And how? How members of the government of Israel and deputies of the Knesseth for support of "delimitation" with exile of Jews from their houses and successfully working enterprises created by their work have answered? Unless be not all of you accomplices of the organised criminal grouping «Ariel Sharon and others» which according to the accepted Knesseth the law ("the Law on struggle against the organised criminal groupings") from June, 9th, 2003, should appear before court as the accused?

      Such information (http://boti.ru/node/32250#new from June, 20th 2007) is interesting also:

The former assistant to head השב"כ, the minister of ecology of Gidon Ezra believes that Barguti should be released. According to Ezry, it has unprecedented influence on the population in Judea and Samaria and its clearing can strengthen the power and authority of Abu-Mazena, as anything else.

Notice, the dear legal adviser, with such statements acts the minister of ecology of Israel who cannot brag of successes in this branch, but believing that Barguti should be released, as it has unprecedented influence on the population in Judea and Samaria.

      That at this gangster is a lot of followers from chest to a pension age, ready to offer as condemned men, we already know. It is easy to believe and that its clearing can strengthen the power and authority of Abu-Mazena, as anything else. But only as head  Fatah which organisations regularly try to spend acts of terrorism by means of condemned men in territory of Israel. As has shown experiment of its opposition with Hamas, at Abu Mazena it has not appeared neither the authorities, nor authority, abilities of the head for which it gives out itself(himself) also which it would be desirable it to see to the International community. It not its purposes. It was and remains the enemy of Israel, not hiding the relation to it, and soberly realising that at Israel it is possible to extend much more time, than open opposition. Therefore it has bred any small organisations tormenting Israel, and begs money and arms, ostensibly for their bridling, anything for this purpose without undertaking. It is difficult to believe, that George Bush did not see all it. I suspect that it is faster the businessman, than the politician. What for the weakened Israel is necessary to it, protecting which, the USA will suffer next (after Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq) fiasco? But it is a theme of separate research. We will return ... to Gidonu Ezre, the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Israel, in person covered police of Israel from responsibility for crumpled, mutilated and victims during delimitation and at carrying out of operation "Amon". To take up all measure of punishment for the committed error is an act, worthy respect. But what punishment measure has appeared? For it and those who created socially-politichesko association under the name «the Israeli movement in support of delimitation».

     Leader מרצ, the deputy of Knesseth Josi Bejlin admits that fact that Barguti was one of the main initiators "the second интифады", but considers expedient its clearing with a view of power Abu-Mazena and government Salama Fajada strengthening. On June, 18th Barguti in prison were visited by the deputy of Knesseth Haim Oron (מרצ). It is informed that they have discussed the created situation and possibility of fast clearing of Barguti. In the Israeli press assumptions are come out that Oron has transferred Barguti the personal message of prime minister Ehuda Olmerta.


    Let's remind that Maruan Barguti has been condemned by the Israeli court on five lifelong imprisonment terms for partnership in the organisation of acts of terrorism, in which result five Israelis were lost. Under the law, the prisoner with such term is not subject to any amnesty.

  Assignment of Palestinian autonomy is quite admissible, but minus the means necessary for inhabitants of Sderota and other settlements, being under bombardment «kasamov» as indemnification for a moral and physical damage and on the equipment of safe premises. The remained means can be, in coordination with the Palestinian party, are transferred not in the form of currency means, and in the form of the humanitarian help.

      As to "transaction" on Moshe Katsav's business it should be, in my opinion, it is recognised by court by illegal. Thus I would like to pay your attention and attention of dear judges that, except sexual crimes, Moshe Katsav or its service are guilty indirectly in results of the Second Lebanese war as a result of hasty cession of rights of Ehudu Olmertu on government formation, having ignored my requests from 03.04.06 and from 06.04.06 about an urgent meeting. 

    Today Ehud Olmert is under examination that does not promote normal execution of functions of the head of the government. And, nevertheless, he does not intend to correlate the actions and intentions to opinion citizens of the country, with the Knesseth, even with members of the party when carries on negotiations «about time затишьи» with Hamas, without having possibility to disarm Hamas and to stop its further equipment by the modern offensive weapon, or about transfer of Golan of Syria, on what it never will receive "kindly civil referendum, to reckon which it does not intend. Negotiations with Hizballoj about clearing of Samira Kuntara sentenced to five lifelong terms and its four accomplices are almost finished.

   At you, dear Meni Mazuz, more, than at someone. There are all bases to make responsible statesmen answerable for the irresponsible decisions made by them bringing disasters to the people and the state or, at least, to keep them from unreasoned decisions, as the legal adviser of the Government.

Otherwise you act as their accomplice.


  Article has been prepared 27.06.2007 but not published. Today 5.06.2009  this theme became actual, and I have the right to express the opinion on this question.

Certainly, the legal adviser is a support of the government. Its knowledge of the international and national right can relieve both the government and the people of mutual reproaches and disappointments.

  From my point of view the post of the General public prosecutor is more on sense approaches the Main controller of the country, which itself for today is similar to the general with army, but without the weapon. All its checks and even detection of infringers rest against possibilities and desire of other officials, often bringing to nothing its work.


With the best regards and to officials and the people of Israel.


Anatoly Shejdin (Anshej of Dynes), the citizen of Israel


The note: Article is translated into English by means of system online Promt translator and the author apologises for possible discrepancies of translation and an error.


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