Treatment to Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary -General of the United Nations

15 сентября 2011



Respected, the Secretary- General!


In view of that the situation all over the world, very earlier, didn't come nearer today so close to the explosive line threatening by utter annihilation of a civilization on the earth (threats to Israel's existence posed by Iran and its outposts in the Middle East: Hezbollah, armed by Iran through Syria and Lebanon in the north and Hamas, armed across the border with Egypt and continuing to fire into Israel, destroying the Israeli embassy in Cairo and the threat of Turkish Prime Minister to go to war with Israel), I consider absolutely necessary to consider the offers directed by me to the former Secretary general of the United Nations mr. Kofi Annan

In December, 2004, but remained without the answer. The essence of these offers was reduced to the following.


1. The structure of the United Nations should be added with the International nongovernmental organization « the Civil Forum » with representation in it{her} of national branches of this organization of the countries which are included in the United Nations.

Necessity of this introduction is caused by that interests of the nation, people of the country not always coincide with opinion of chapters{heads} of the states which frequently to please the ambitious, arrogant or religious principles push peoples on fratricidal wars. People want to live in the world and to have an opportunity to agree among themselves before them will involve in bloody massacre.

Today, unfortunately, we have not the United Nations Organization (United Nations), and the Organization of united governments (ООП).

The practical tool of the United Nations for decision-making on any problem should be results of the Civil referendum on this problem and one of the main tasks of the United Nations there should be a guarantee of carrying out of democratic and free will of citizens during carrying out of interrogation.

Statement of such problem{task} in itself will lead to to standardization of methods of carrying out of interrogations and increase of reliability of results, introduction of democratic norms of will.


Modern means recognition the person allow to avoid almost with 100 percent reliability a juggling of results using tactile gauges . In television mass media with success telephone interrogations are tested. Therefore methods of interrogation of citizens do not represent actually a problem if such purpose will be put.


2. Other problem which cannot be outside of a field of vision of the United Nations is the amplifying influence of religionism fatally influencing maintenance of the world on a planet. The religion from the formation{education} opposed itself to the state system and conducted infinite wars for spheres of influence. Intervention of religion brings chaos and an opposition in activity of the state structures between religious and secular layers of a society. Thus religious figures neglect basic principles of the religion: to the God - God's, and to the Kesar- Kesar's, that compromises cleanliness of religious thoughts and belief in Supreme.

The United Nations as the body of the state commonwealth, in my opinion, should preserve the state structures of the existing and again formed states against fatal influence of religions on these structures.

Not interfering with affairs of religion, the United Nations at the same time should demand from any state which are included in his{its} structure, observance of the rights of citizens on a democratic choice of the attitude{relation} to this or that religion and to religion in general without infringement of his{its} civil rights.

3. Taking into account the intention of the Palestinian Authority (hereinafter - the PA) to impose the General Assembly the question of recognition of a Palestinian state that does not exist, which, according to the UN Charter, can be considered when applying and writing on behalf of the state, I draw your attention that the PA can not be represented as a state, because it does not meet the requirements for the establishment of the State, namely:

(1). By including in its membership Gaza, its government and this government program to destroy the State of Israel, the PA does not meet one of the most important conditions for accepting the UN - peace policy toward the States - UN member states, which is the Israel.

(2). The state should have the territory to which no other claim recognized by the United State and the State is fully responsible for the absence of threat to its territory of any other state - member of the UN.

NOTE: Gaza and the Palestinians are firing continuously and attempt to break into Israel by terrorists - suicide bombers.

(3). PA calls Jerusalem the capital of the state, the capital of Israel, immediately triggering the involvement of the UN in a territorial conflict to the State - a member of the UN.

(4). The very existence of the PA due to the contract with the State of Israel (the Oslo Agreement of 1993) if to fight terror against the citizens and the state of Israel, that makes them accomplices in the position of Israel's enemies. This is confirmed and open hostility toward Israel propaganda, starting with school books and home education and ending the state of public speaking and public figures.

(5). The creation of a Palestinian independent state, whatever that may be the boundaries of modern Israel would not allow the Israeli Air Force fly over Israeli territory, without violating the rights of a state that will lead to numerous conflicts involving the United Nations.


The most rational solution, in my view, is contained in the article "Only one state for all peoples living there»,

the content of which propose to introduce all the participants of the General Assembly in September 2011, before the discussion begins, "On recognition of a Palestinian state," regardless of who will represent the state of Israel "


Dear mister, the Secretary- General!. I hope, that my offers will not stay without attention and the answer of you. From its part I am ready to share the projects in this area at the presence of interested persons of any level.


If I was allowed to speak on this issue not as a representative of Israel, as well as the independent public figure (with payment of visa, travel and stay), I would have gladly accepted the invitation.


Anatoly Sheidin (Anshay

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