Appeal to the leaders of the parties of Israel

30 марта 2021

Dear sirs, leaders of the parties that have passed in the elections to the Knesset of the 24th convocation.


Remembering all the unsuccessful experience in creating a government over the past two years, which could have been avoided if you had responded to my proposal sent to you1 *, 2 *, I again offer you my services in creating a government independent of religion, from specialists, who already have positive experience or opportunities, due to their education and abilities, regardless of the creation of a coalition majority of the Knesset, which in its essence is a criminal group, in relation to voters.


You yourself will participate in the discussion of the most suitable candidate for the post of prime minister, which may be either one of you or someone proposed by me.I do not exclude that what is stated in 3 * will convince you, as well as me, that fate has chosen me to take on the role of the Messiah to rid mankind from complete destruction, although a big war cannot be avoided if religious leaders do not want hear my arguments and appeals.


Lost three years. The country has suffered enormous financial damage. It will take years to pay off debts. The people are more disunited than ever before, do not trust all branches of government. Violence and statistics of murders and suicides of citizens are growing.


If you are concerned about improving the state of the legislative and judicial systems, you must send a lawsuit signed by all who agree with my claims to the CEC of the Knesset of Israel (see 4 *, 5 *, 6 *) to the BAGATS demanding a revision of the results of the election of the Knesset 24 convocation.


I suggest:

Urgently demand from the Acting Speaker of the Knesset to gather all the deputies, according to the list of those who have passed to the Knesset, in order to listen to my proposals on forming a government and making a decision on the candidate recommended to the President for these purposes.In case of formal problems of such a meeting within the walls of the Knesset, it can be held in any suitable room.


The original text of this Appeal is written in Russian and can be understood in any translation, even with the help of electronic translation.


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