The fourth elections to the Knesset 24 are illegitimate.

24 марта 2021

To Judge Uzi Fogelman, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Knesset
From Israeli citizen Anatoly Sheidin


I would like to draw your attention to the gross violation of the Basic Law of the Knesset by the Central Election Commission of the Knesset and by you personallyPursuant to Article 7 (aleph) of the Basic Law of the Knesset:


"A list of candidates will not be allowed to participate in the elections to the Knesset, and a person will not be a candidate for the elections to the Knesset if, for the purposes of the list of candidates, in his actions, or in the actions of this person, including his statements, there is, directly or indirectly, one from the following:

(1) Denial of the existence of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state;

(2) Incitement to racism;

(3) Supporting the armed struggle of a hostile state or terrorist organization against the State of Israel."


Despite the clear position of the orthodox parties Agudat Yisrael, Shas, which deny the right of the Jewish state to exist (before the arrival of the Messiah), as well as the Balad party as part of the joint Arab list  they nevertheless regularly participate, thanks to the connivance of the CEC of Israel, in election campaigns, are held in the Knesset, and the parties Agudat Yisrael, Shas hold ministerial posts and seek budget funding for their like-minded people to the detriment of the interests of the legitimate citizens of Israel, while refusing to obey the demands of the legislative and executive authorities, infecting hundreds of Israeli citizens who have become victims of coronavirus this criminal behavior.


For this reason, elections cannot be considered legitimate and are ignored by a significant part of the population to the detriment of their legal rights and obligations.

I propose to exclude the indicated lists and ballots of the indicated parties from voting or to announce the postponement of the elections to June 1 or by two months in order to possibly reduce the number of parties and / or combine them into larger blocs.


Otherwise, a lawsuit will be sent to the Supreme Court demanding to recognize the elections as illegitimate and to assign all the damage caused to the country and citizens on those who contributed to this situation and on you personally. Law and order are above all.


Best wishes. Anatoly Sheydin. 03/22/2021 

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