Fighting Coronavirus and Budget Deficits

20 ноября 2020


Personal prevention

What is more important for the state and its citizens? Public or personal security? Probably society. There are individuals themselves. If you stop production - the economy, and then the safety of individuals will collapse. Each person is warned about what and how best to do in order not to get infected and not to infect others. If you risk yourself - it's stupid, but it's your right. If you put others at risk, you are a criminal. Another thing is what should be prohibited? Why do you need a mask for walking in the air, when there is not a single living soul within two meters from you? There is a danger of rapprochement - a mask must be worn. But even this understandable information is not perceived by society or is rejected more often for religious reasons, ignoring state laws and regulations.

Should the state stop the activities of enterprises and small businesses?

Answer: Definitely - no. Firstly, this is a violation of the basic law

"On freedom of entrepreneurial activity" for violation of which the state will not have enough funds.

Which exit?

Suggested solution:Issue a temporary decree for the duration of the State of Emergency "On personal responsibility during the fight against coronavirus and similar infectious diseases".

 Each person is responsible for the possible infection of another person, who is not part of his family by neglecting an obligatory condition, when approaching a stranger at a distance of less than two meters: the face must be wearing a mask recommended by the Ministry of Health, covering the mouth and nose of each of the contacts.

When entering any public space, the person entering is responsible for providing information to the inspector at the entrance about the absence of signs of illness: normal temperature, perception of smell, taste, no need to sneeze and cough.

Every owner of a business or public space is responsible for the quality of the inspection at the entrance and during production or communication.

He is endowed with the right to present a fine to the violator, according to the order for the enterprise approved by agreement with the trade union or a representative endowed with confidence from the collective. In case of repeated violations, the business management has the right to temporary suspension from work or dismissal of the violator.

Each municipality has the right to fine businesses and citizens, who violate the conditions of their work, having video materials confirming the validity of the claim.

Financial compensation

A person, who has lost theiork ar ability to ws a result of an illness receives compensation from Bituach Leumi, according to the commission for assessing the percentage of disability.

A person, who has lost his job at the initiative of the enterprise should be entitled to compensation from the insurance company of the enterprise and the trade union, if he was a member.

A person, who has lost his job at the initiative of the state should be entitled to compensation from the Ministry of Finance.

A business owner, who is forced to terminate its activities at the initiative of the state should be entitled to compensation from the Ministry of Finance.

Where to get money to compensate for losses?

The existing financial and economic state of the state.

"2019 was a year of total budgetary failure for the Israeli Finance Ministry".

This was before the coronavirus problem.,7340,L-5656139,00.html  

National debt is already more than $ 226 billion (!).

"In June 2019, Israel issued government bonds for the population in the amount of 500 million euros with a 50-year maturity at 2% per annum".

"In January 2020, 30-year and 10-year bonds were issued for institutional investors for $ 3 billion at 2.5% and 3.375% per annum". That is, a few months before the first coronavirus-infected appeared in Israel.

With the first manifestations of the coronavirus in Israel, the government, represented by the Prime Minister, promises to find 80 billion shekels, supposedly necessary to eliminate the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. Domestic media willingly support this lie.

"The proceeds will be used by the Israeli authorities to minimize the consequences of the financial and economic crisis caused by the epidemic, and to restore the country economy" - is written in the editorial , revealing a "brilliant find" of the necessary funds. For all the tragedy of the situation, the government and the Knesset are going to re-elect three times, wasting about 6 billion shekels and create, in the end, in violation of current legislation, a cabinet of ministers bloated to 36 members, who do not find agreement among themselves either on solving financial and economic problems, or on combating coronavirus.

Where to get money to compensate for losses?

(to be continued if the people responsible for solving this problem are interested in my advice)


© Copyright: Sheidin Anatoly (Anshay Din)


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