The political crisis in Israel

19 ноября 2019

At KAN REKA 11/18/2019Gaby Wolfson in the theme of the day.In your opinion, will it be possible to resolve the political crisis this week?
My opinion:
The political crisis was created on September 17, 2019 by the Chairperson of the Knesset CEC, Judge Salim Jubran, who allowed the Orthodox parties of Jews and Islam denied the right to exist of the Jewish state and to participate in the Knesset elections, contrary to the Basic Law on the Knesset, which did not even respond to my repeated calls to it before the elections 04/09/2019 and 09/17/2019.


Neither laws, nor justice, nor state control of the state of Israel did not work for the benefit of citizens, as well as a civil referendum whose rights are not spelled out in a heap and illiterate Basic Law "Referendum" The country is reaping the benefits of an illiterate and devoid of leadership initiative paralyzed by the creation of a coalition parliamentary majority intended by collective irresponsibility to cover up the Prime Minister's personal responsibility.The way out of the crisis is proposed in my Address to the Knesset deputies and President Rivlin, sent on 10/22/2019, in which I was invited to temporarily introduce me to the Knesset in return for any member of the Knesset so that President Rivlin had the legal right to entrust me with the formation of the Government without the need to create a parliamentary coalition. With the right of the Prime Minister to work for a year without fear of a vote of no confidence on the part of the Knesset, the right to remain at this post or to leave him must be decided by a civil referendum that at least once a year on the day established by law will vote on trust (mistrust) to the prime minister.

It is possible that I will really be recognized as a Messiah, as the prophets testify, see. Am I not Machiach? and it would be advisable to give me the opportunity on state television channels and primarily on channel TV9 to express my point of view on all issues of interest and statesmen and citizens.For all those who think that my statements are crazy nonsense, I inform you that a psychiatrist check did not reveal any deviations from my normal psyche.


Note: Translation into English from the original in Russian is done using an electronic translator.


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