To the President of Israel, to the Knesset members, to the Avigdor Liberman.

5 октября 2019

Dear Avigdor Liberman. I am re-reading your book, "Nothing but the truth." A magnificent analysis of Israeli reality and a ton of ideas that have been unrealized for almost 15 years now. And my ideas on solving the problems of the state of Israel have not been realized for 25 years.

    We have all led the country to a severe economic, political and ideological crisis, threatening to destroy all the gains of our state if the personal ambitions of the country's leaders and leading parties remain above the national goals, even those aimed at achieving these goals.       General consent is required for the participation of the arbitrator, who will be recognized as such by all parties to the conflict of interest.

   Despite the huge bouquet of defects in my personality for the implementation of such a function (age - more than 81, lack of knowledge of Hebrew and other languages, other than Russian, health defects characteristic of age, etc.), I am forced to agree with the predictions I described in the article "Not Am I Mashiach?"    - in Russian and   " ?"- -149214881501-148815041497-1502151314971495.html  - in Hebrew with significant abbreviations, that I am the person who will be recognized by Mashiach, despite the fact that I am atheist, by conviction and I don't believe in God, and in the creation of the World by God for six days six thousand years ago, because many artifacts have been discovered, the existence of which is determined by the age of millions of years.

If this is so, then the position of our believing Jews in relation to the state of Israel can radically change and become a starting point for the unification of not only Israeli citizens, but also all peoples with the cessation of inter-religious wars around the world on Earth.

    To do this, I need to be able to communicate directly with everyone who doubts my purpose. And you can become the first participants in such communication together with the entire deputies and the Council of Torah sages.

This will save us from the third elections to the Knesset and create conditions for refusing attempts to create a coalition majority in the Knesset, which should serve the interests of citizens of the country, and not individuals who do not reflect the interests of voters.

     If I am given the confidence to form a government, then you and any other Israeli citizen, regardless of party affiliation, have the right to propose yourself as prime minister or minister of his chosen ministry and undergo a competitive selection by submitting a program to solve problems on selected topics, imagining what difficult problems our state faces in the areas of security, economics and other areas.However, this may be feasible in overcoming our Israeli bureaucracy.

    President Ruby Rivlin can entrust the formation of the government only to a Knesset deputy, for which it is necessary that there is a deputy who declares his withdrawal (at least temporarily), proposing me in his place. 

    In the absence of support for my proposal, I stop trying to justify the information from the World Event Books existing on other planets and, in particular, on planet Earth (the name of the book is arbitrary), and I consider my duty fulfilled.


Anatoly Sheydin (Anshay Dean), quite possible Mashiach.



Note: Translation into English from the original in Russian is done with the help of an electronic translator.

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