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30 мая 2009


To mister Baraku Obame

To the president of the United States of America (USA),

 Washington, the White house


Dear sir the President!


 Irrespective of the point of view of any high officials and experts, I suggest you to familiarise with my point of view on the decision below the stated problems.


 Two states – for two people


1. All problems arise or from not clearly expressed purpose of the contract or from its default of one of the parties and not acceptance of measures on a termination of the contract and punishments of the party which have not executed the contract.

    In the main thing, the contract in Oslo obliged:

Israel will give to Palestinian autonomy at first an autonomy in Gaza and Jericho,

The Palestinian party provides the terror termination.

Israel has carried out the obligation, the Palestinian party – is not present.


Incessant terrorist activity of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Popular front of Clearing of Palestin, full inactivity of the Palestinian authorities, as consequence of inability and unwillingness of effective counteraction to terror should stop all conversations and actions on creation of Palestinian autonomy and the more so the states.


Despite it, US president George Bush has offered "road map" and the European Union together with the four (the USA, Russia, France and Germany) began to put upon Israel constant and accruing pressure on creation of the Palestinian state, irrespective of incessant acts of terrorism and enmity propagandised by the Palestinian management in relation to Jews and the state Israel.


2. Moreover, even presence at Abu Mazena more than 40 thousand policemen has not prevented Hamas with number less than 5 thousand persons to grasp Gaza and to create almost Iranian base in territory of Palestinian autonomy, for years terrorising the population of nearby Israeli settlements and cities. 

        It is difficult to present, that America or any other state respecting was so it is anxious by public opinion as Israel, reacting to these bombardments and diversions, and would suppose so long stay of Hamas and other terrorist organisations in the territory formally subordinated to Israel as no other state which are responsible for safety in this territory is present.

         All international arrangements as practice has shown, on prevention by forces of the United Nations of delivery of arms of Hizbale in Lebanon or forces of Egypt in Rafiahe - to Hamas, do not provide tasks in view.


3. The territory belonging at the moment to Israel is so small that practically is exposed to fire of rockets of average and distant radius of action and does not provide its safe existence. Israel is obliged to exclude possibility of bombardment of the territory from territory of Palestinian autonomy Therefore creation of the Palestinian state is caused by obligatory peace character of its development, absence at it army and absence of borders through which the weapon can be delivered. That protection of borders should be carried out by a frontier service of army of defence of Israel with attraction of the Palestinian police or special purpose parts.


4. Reduction of territory of Israel at the expense of creation of the independent Palestinian state would create problems for aircraft of Israel, compelled to cross its border that would lead to numerous conflicts at the international level.

       Does not promote idea of creation of the independent Palestinian state and settlement of Arabs and the Jews located nearby from each other in all territory of Israel and large settlements of Jews in territory of Palestinian autonomy.


5. On the motives stated above cannot be accepted and the initiative of the Arabian states providing a withdrawal of Israel to borders prior to the beginning of war of 1967

And creation of the independent Palestinian state.


6. Creation possibility in the territory subordinated now to Israel in Palestin, the independent Arabian state was considered and earlier twice: the commission of sir Pilaj (The report from July, 7th, 1937) and commission of sir George Vedzhvud (October 1938г.).

The British government has agreed with commission  of  sir George Vedzhvud on conclusion about a section impracticability.


7. Proceeding from available 15-year-old (after the agreement in Oslo) experience of creation of Palestinian autonomy with economic-economic independent self-management when the basic finance was plundered by a ruling clique and left on support of the militarised gangster formations for realisation of terrorist activity against Israel, and the large administrative area Gaza has appeared grasped by the Iranian fighting Hamas which is carrying out rocket bombardments of sovereign territory of Israel, it is possible to draw an unequivocal conclusion that independence encouragement to any structures which are not bearing a liability of infringement of interstate relations, unfairly.


8. In creation of the independent Palestinian state are interested not the Arabian population, not wishing to change the Israeli citizenship on Palestinian, and, first of all the management of Palestinian autonomy counting on never-ending financial injections and possibility of assignment of huge means for personal enrichment.  

       In same, obviously, are interested first of all and the states, counting to use enmity between Jews and Arabs for maintenance of the centre of pressure and sale of the weapon to the countries of Near-Eastern region.


9. From the aforesaid follows that there can not be a speech about the high-grade independent Palestinian state, and it is possible to speak about an autonomy or federation with independent in the economic and economic relation economy with the institute of national insurance and socially-legal structure, with the authorities and management in the same Jerusalem without any division, with the right of Palestinians to move without restriction on all territory of Israel, feeling itself as high-grade citizens of Israel or the Palestinian federation.


10. Such autonomy with independent economic-economic self-management should is in frameworks of the uniform state with uniform power structure within the general frontier protected by a safety force of the state from an encroachment. The size of territory and volume of powers is defined by ability of authorities of an autonomy to keep order in subordinated territory within the limits of the current legislation, both nation-wide, and the regional majority of the population living in this territory accepted taking into account requirements (like the legislation of separate states of the USA). Such autonomies can be created both on national, and to an ethnic and religious sign.


11. In view of, for example, that uncooperative altitude, what is rendered by religious Jews

on the legislation of Israel (a problem with secular marriages, burial places, citizenship, work of transport and the enterprises for Saturdays, etc.), it would be expedient to allocate with such believer the autonomy to avoid unnecessary collisions of interests between them and the secular population.

12. The preferable form of Palestinian autonomy: the Federative state or economically and legally independent districts (regions, states) should follow from results of interrogation of the Arabian population living in territory of Israel, including Palestinian autonomy. The legislation of such autonomies can consider features of the population living in them, but it is obligatory to correspond to the uniform constitution for all state Israel, defining the basic requirements of peaceful co-existence of all inhabitants of the state Israel.


13. In view of the Decision of League of the nations from July, 22nd 1922г., valid the legal document, on allocation of these territories for creation of the Jewish national house, free territories should be used first of all for moving of Jews. 

          It is necessary to carry out very weighed and cautious to the policy concerning transfer of Judea and Samaria under Palestinian, even federal, the state.


14. Contrary to the Decision of League of the Nations, the part of the territory intended under the national Jewish house, Great Britain has allocated for creation of Hashimitsky kingdom (modern Jordan) with prohibition to Jews to lodge in this territory, meaningly creating two independent states for two people and it can be the decision for those who does not wish to live under control of Jews, having now citizenship of Jordan and lives in territory of Israel in Palestinian autonomy. So can already be two states for two people is? It is necessary to deal with only a territorial question if the idea of the Palestinian federation does not find support.


15.   I urge not to hurry up with the statements, obliging to realise unreasoned decisions as it was with all Israeli - the Palestinian agreements after Oslo - 1 as it was with the requirement to Israel  to take away  the control in Rafiahe,  liquidation of advanced posts, the building termination in large settlements and other.


16.   As to a pulling down of advanced posts  I agree that amateur performance of building unapproved the state of advanced posts and settlements should be stopped, and such activity is punishable. If this advanced post is important for safety of citizens and the state – this post should be not civil, but belonging to one of power structures of Israel. The pulling down of unapproved posts should be carried out without any violence by settlers or power services with payment of these works by settlers. Courts, in need of a pulling down, should give instructions about a pulling down with instructions of real term of a pulling down. Existence of long time of unapproved posts is a fault of the state and it should take part in assignment and places of arrangement of settlers before their pulling down.


17.   Concerning building continuation in large settlements, I hold the opinion that everything that in borders of 1968, is the uniform state Israel which has the right to build in this territory of settlement and a city, to allocate autonomies for their independent economic and economic activities and to bear responsibility for everything that is created in its territory and proceeds from its territory. The finding in its territory of Gaza grasped by Iranian organisation Hamas is an inexcusable connivance of Israel and what is more degrees of the International quartet, the European Union and League of the Arabian states supporting not the Arabian people, and a small group of the functionaries torn to the power anxious by not so much problems of Arabs, living on autonomy territory, how many political ambitions on destruction of Israel, well paid groupings interested in it and the governments.




With sincere wishes of the world and well-being to all people.

Anatoly Sheidin (Anshay Din),

the initiator of addition of the United Nations branch of the International non-governmental organisation "Civil Forum" which national branches should be an indispensable condition of membership in the United Nations



 I bring my pardons for possible  inaccuracies  of the translation, executed by means of system PROMT.

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