September 22, 2019

24 сентября 2019

No, no, don't think that we'll talk about some significant event that happened on this day. It could be earlier, but this year it is unlikely, although for some people this year it will probably be memorable, if only because the morning news of newspapers and electronic media starts with all sorts of troubles. In any case, for me it was a very ordinary day. In the morning I heard that in the afternoon a meeting was scheduled between the President of Israel, Ruby Rivlin, and the Knesset deputies to clarify their preferences, who should be given the right to form a coalition in the Knesset and the government. The very setting of the goal of creating a coalition in the Knesset always revolted me with its frank corruption, since the parties that entered the Knesset, having found themselves in a coalition, in advance renounce their right to defend the interests of the people who voted for them and are obliged to support the Prime Minister for what he allocates to them ministerial portfolios in proportion to the number of votes they have in the Knesset. At the same time, they lose the right to express distrust of him for poor work, as they "sit with him in the same boat."

How to avoid this? Yes, pass a law granting him the right to work at his post during the calendar year, and if during this year he will be expressed no confidence by the majority of deputies, the majority in a civil referendum will determine the right to continue to work in this post or the obligation to resign should take place at least once a year (or maybe more often), for example, on the day of workers' unity - May 1 of each year. For this, he will select ministers on a competitive basis from specialists of the corresponding profile.

I wanted to convey this idea to the deputies in the presence of the President, since my written messages to the Knesset leadership and the relevant Knesset committees and the President himself never once provoked a response from those to whom they were sent, as well as requests for a meeting.

- So what? - my friends and relatives object to me in response to my indignation at such a circumstance. - And why do you need it, if they do not need it, who are responsible for the bad that is caused by their activities? You what? Holy Pope?

- No, of course, I answer and shut up, unsure that this is the case, recalling that I already wrote an article "Am I not Mashiach?" (See: -mashiax-li-ya-.html), having discovered a lot of strange coincidences of all circumstances and prophecies, that it's me who will be the Messiah, the arrival of which people who believe in God are expecting. I dismissed this probability until I read a review of this article by an indignant reader who wrote: "If you are Mashiach, then do something!" Since then, all the troubles happening in our country and in the world have been causing me a feeling of guilt because of my inaction as a Mashiach, as if really knowing what to do so that there were fewer, although these prophecies predicted that a great war could not be avoided, but the Jews would ultimately triumph in it. Pretty consolation! And how many people will be killed and maimed? And why should I get into this matter if there are so many troubles behind it?

"Because you are the Messiah who can reduce this suffering." - As if someone's voice inspires me with these thoughts.

Or maybe I'm a maniac, psycho or crazy? - a critical thought flickers in my mind, all the more so my faithful companion of life calls me that, without sharing my far-fetched, as she believes, suffering. "I need to be checked," I decide one day and sign up for the turn to the psychiatrist. After two months of waiting, I went through a specialist check after I informed him that I was probably Mashiach, having answered a lot of different questions, sometimes repeated, and my question: "Do I have any deviations from norms? "- he received a completely satisfactory answer:" So far, no, but it would be nice to repeat such a check in about two months. "He promised to give a written opinion after a second check. I didn't go to him again.

I suddenly realized that I had deviated greatly from the purpose of my story. Yes, in the morning I faxed to the Office of the President a request to be received at the same time as the Knesset deputies or in front of them. With several transfers from a car to an electric train, from one to another and, changing a couple of buses, and having walked about three hundred meters, I was stopped at the entrance of the President's house in Jerusalem. Notifying that I had arrived at the meeting with the President, I honestly admitted that I had ordered a pass, but was not called by anyone and would like to find out if I was ordered a pass? One of those on duty took the original faxed request with my ID, went to the Chancellery and, leaving there, said that the fax was received and I would be invited to the President if such a need arose. I realized that while the President has no need to listen to me, I asked how to get to the bus to get to the bus station, and with a sense of accomplishment, walked a pedestrian stretch of the way and got on bus number 32 in the direction of the bus station, sitting on a free front seat to the right of the driver. Why do I describe my location from the driver in such detail? Because it is connected with the description of the situation, because of which I began to write this story. Honestly, I would not want to live in Jerusalem. The city is large, bus service often runs along narrow streets, on both sides are lined with private cars. The highest professional level of bus drivers, which, you see, must be bumped into something at the sharp turns of narrow streets. But while we are going. At traffic lights, of which there are many, we conscientiously stop until the allowing light of the traffic light is lit. On one of them we wait. There are two taxis in front of the bus. The traffic light gave a green light. Taxis went, and we stand. I look at the driver, and he ... is sleeping. I shout: "Hey!" He shudders, opens his eyes and immediately presses on the gas. The bus manages to slip through the intersection.

And how many of them, who have not slept well, are driving all over the country? Someone doesn't torture themselves this way while studying the Torah, while someone plows to exhaustion, putting themselves and their passengers and others at risk. Something is wrong in our kingdom, that is, in the medinat Israel.

Note: Translation into English from the original in Russian is done with the help of an electronic translator.

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