Question to the citizens of Israel

16 сентября 2019

Question to the citizens of Israel:
If I, Anatoly Sheydin (Anshay Din), was once perplexed by a strange combination of circumstances and prophets' predictions that I had the fate to be Mashiach and King of Israel (this is in our time!?!, See. "Am I not a machiah?" )
without any connection with this prediction, I, as an ordinary citizen of Israel, wrote a number of articles, proposals and projects (see, offering them for implementation to everyone, I didn't achieve not only their implementation, but also an answer to them, I was eventually forced to stand for president of the country in order to be able to convey his thoughts to the people, and not having achieved such a speech, agreed to recognize himself as possible Mashiach, not at all striving for this, suggested and leadership To the Knesset, Chairman of the Knesset CEC and President Ruby Rivlin to save the results of the Knesset 21 convocation, refusing to form a corruption deal to form a coalition majority in the Knesset and forming the Government on the basis of professional selection of ministers, and not receiving any answer from anyone, ASK YOU: Is You have no right to vote in my support by writing on a blank form or striking out with one line the name of the party for which you are not going to vote and enter one word in Hebrew: (Mashiach) to refuse to vote at all or to vote for those whom you do not trust?
This, at least, will force those in power to notice the opinion of the people and my attempts to solve more correctly the problems of the people and the country.
 On my blog you can find the answer, practically, to any question that you may have regarding the solution of the problems of our being. Success to all our people and the state.


Note:The electronic translation is made from the original in Russian.

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