Appeal to the leadership of the Knesset

7 февраля 2019

To the Chairman of the Knesset, Mr. Julius Edelstein,

Chairperson of the Knesset Affairs Committee, Miki Zohar

Chairman of the Legislative Commission of the Knesset Nissan Slomyansky


Topic: Request for the right to speak from the Knesset rostrum


To me, Sheidin Anatoly, is a citizen of Israel from October 20, 1992. № 31047....

It is known that ordinary citizens who are not members of the Knesset or leading members of the Israeli government or guests of foreign countries invited by the Knesset themselves may be given the opportunity to speak from the Knesset rostrum in exceptional cases with the consent of the relevant Knesset commission.

On several occasions, I sent my proposals to the Knesset and the Government of Israel to solve a number of problems, either due to poor-quality development of laws, or unfair implementation of laws, and did not receive an answer.

 During the election campaign for the President of Israel, I was forced to stand as an alternative. But even here, despite my appeals to the chairman of the Knesset, Yuli Edelstein, and the chairmen of the parliamentary and legislative commissions with a request to state their solutions to Israeli problems, I could not achieve this, or at least get an answer.

Now I have to recognize myself as the Messiah in order to be heard and get the recognition of citizens for the right to be heard or even elected to lead the country in this alarming period for the country, which is not obvious to all citizens.

I suggest:

1. Call on a special meeting of all members of the 20th Knesset convocation, additionally the leaders of all parties registered to participate in the elections to the Knesset on April 9, 2019, the Council of Torah Wise Men to the fullest extent, leaders of associations of localities, representatives of the leading Israeli media.

2. Choose a room convenient for this with the possibility of displaying captions in Hebrew, English and Arabic using simultaneous translation.

3. Agree to the following program and regulations:

3.1 Start: date (no later than February 25, 2019), opening time of the meeting - proposed by the Knesset, taking into account transport problems.

3.2 Discussion of the outward signs of a possible Mashiach. Regulations - 1 hour  - rus.  - Heb.

3.3 Understanding the main task of Mashiach as a "deliverer". - 1 hour

3.3.1 The origins of faith in God. Engaging in religion policies of territorial seizure.

3.3.2 Origins of the peoples' hatred towards the Jews. "Chosen" people. State or religion. Belief in God is for domestic consumption. State law-abiding - for the unity of the people.

3.3.3 Ways of rapprochement of the peoples. People's diplomacy. Representation of civil forums in the UN. Refusal of "chosenness" Repentance or apology to the people of Egypt. International Congress of all religions to develop a single text that excludes hostility to other nations.

Break - 30 minutes

4. Assessment of the legislative activity of the Knesset - 1 hour

4.1 The absence of a constitution and the principle of the subordination of laws,

4.2 Violation of the principle of separation of branches of power,

4.3 The absence of a Civil Referendum as an instrument of the power of democracy,

4.4 Weakly, with errors, the developed laws ("On the Knesset", "On the Civil Referendum", "On the Israel Defense Forces", etc.),

4.5 Lack of control over the execution of laws, for example:

חוק מאבק בארגוני פשיעה תשס"ג -2003, חוק הביטוח הלאומי [נוסח משולב], תשנ"ה -1995, "About the Knesset" and others.

5. The unity of the people of Israel - 1 hour.

5.1 The decision of the League of Nations of April 24, 1920 is the legal basis of only Jewish states on the territory of Ottoman Palestine.

5.2 The categorical rejection of the presence in the territory of the State of Israel of persons and organizations hostile to the existence of the State of Israel, no matter who they are represented: Jews, Arabs or persons of other nationalities.

5.3 The priorities of the "Civil Union" - as the basis of the Constitution of Israel and the ruling party of Israel. See ,  -על עברית  and  - in Russian.

6. Proposal for all parties and citizens of Israel: to unite under the Priorities Program of the "Civil Union" and announce a competition for the position of Prime Minister, regardless of membership in any party supporting the "civil union" program and the alternative party.

I am ready to participate in the expert commission or as an applicant for a period of one year prior to the referendum on "Trust in the authorities", if my recognition of myself as Mashiach gets real support from the citizens of Israel. Cm.  - ב- רוסית עצמי- as-mashiah.html  - באנגלית

   - - בעברית

7. Answers to questions from those present and a vote of confidence as mashiah. Time - 1 hour


Note: If the recognition of the Mashiah is not confirmed by the orthodox parties, they will have no basis, according to the basic "Knesset law" to participate in the elections.


Best wishes to the people of Israel.

Anatoly Sheidin (Anshay Din)


© Copyright: Sheidin Anatoly (Anshay Din) 2019 

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